8 Great Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

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It’s almost Easter and many of us are feeling the challenges and stresses of lockdown right now.


We’re here to make sure lockdown doesn’t ruin your Easter! 


Whether you want to:


– Make delicious solid chocolate eggs

– Get playful with Easter crafts

– Create your own Family Lockdown Boogie


We’ve got you covered with our Easter activities infographic. Download a copy at the end of this blog.


We all need moments of calm to restore our wellbeing, so put aside some time this Easter for peaceful family activities.


Relax with the Little Page of Calm


Te Papa Museum’s Little Page of Calm has a ‘stay at home’ quiz, online jigsaw puzzles and numerous free activity books for peaceful moments.


Supporting Families NZ


Boost youngsters’ wellness with SPARX


If you are concerned about the mental health of your young people stuck at home, try SPARX.


This free application is designed to help young people having issues with anxiety, depression and stress.


All you need is a computer or a phone with access to the internet.


You can download SPARX from the App Store or from Google Play



Settle down for storytime


Are you having Storytime withdrawls?


The lovely librarians at Invercargill City Library have filmed some stories for your little ones to enjoy during lockdown.


They’re published each Wednesday at 10:30am and Possum Magic is the first one.


family mental health support


Work on your mental wellbeing goals


Much like New Year, we find Easter is a great time to work on wellbeing and set  new mental wellness goals.

Have you tried our wellness worksheets yet?

Our wellness worksheets will help you choose new ways to be active, keep learning, set weekly wellbeing goals and discover your strengths.

Our Balancing Act worksheet is great for helping you find more balance between your role as a caregiver, additional responsibilities, routines and your own health and wellbeing.

We also have a great worksheet about mindfulness and why it matters for mental health.


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