advice on how to support my son is this private?

forumCategory: Familiesadvice on how to support my son is this private?
Tanya asked 3 years ago

Lucy-AucklandLucy-Auckland replied 3 years ago

Hi Tanya. I am so sorry for the delay response.
Yes, we are an independent organization, Non-Government Organisation.
Can you tell me more about your son, please?
If you would like to have a one to one support, please let us know or you can call us on our 0800 732 825.

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Anastasia-AucklandAnastasia-Auckland answered 3 years ago

Hi Tanya, Lucy is quite right that we are an independent organisation (NGO). We are a not-for-profit charity that operates in the private sector. To answer your question a little more, this particular forum that you have posted a question on, is open t the public. This means that other people who are linked in can see your question and the responses (which is often really helpful, as others may be thinking the same thing, wanting answers to the same questions). If you want to remain anonymous, however, you can choose a sign-in name that is different from your real one. AND you can always call us on 0800 732 825 if you want to have a more private conversation about supporting your son. I hope this has been helpful for you.