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Anastasia-AucklandAnastasia-Auckland asked 3 years ago

How does one find out if they’re eligible for Carer Support?

Olivia-AucklandOlivia-Auckland replied 3 years ago

Hi Anastasia. Good question that. You can enquire with the Community Mental Health team who supports your loved one’s health care.. From my understanding, an application form for the carer is completed with the clinician, to ascertain family member’s current situation and needs. This could include the number of hours you usually spend caring for the loved one.They then forward the completed form to NASC or ‘Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Service (for Auckland this is Taikura Trust). They will then check the eligibility requirements. This is for the family member caring for their loved one experiencing mental illness. For more information, please check out the website below:

Hope this is helpful for you.


Anastasia-AucklandAnastasia-Auckland replied 3 years ago

Yes! That is really helpful, I’m sure. Thanks Olivia.

Francil-Northland replied 3 years ago

Kia ora Anastasia

Could i also direct you to the booklet ‘A guide for Careers’ a booklet published by Ministry of Social Development. On page 22 it is headed Careers Support Subsidy and it’s entitlements and how to go about accessing this.

I hope this information also helps 🙂


Anastasia-AucklandAnastasia-Auckland replied 3 years ago

Thanks Francil, it’s certainly another starting point. It’s great that it breaks down the type of need and matches it with the respective organisation to contact. Thanks again 🙂