Julie asked 2 years ago

My 22yr old son lives with since he was diagnosed with psychosis. Most of his delusions are based around me. Our relationship is so damaged because of this. It is like he hates me. Most of the time he just tolerates my presents. When I am out of the house he will text that he loves me but as soon as we are face to face the hate become evident again. He has no where else to live so its able coping n making limits and boundaries . Has anyone experienced this and if so have they got some ideas to help me out

Jade-Auckland replied 2 years ago

Hi Julie,
Thanks for your message. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to answer it, the Easter break has us all mixed up.
It sounds like you are going through such a rough time. Can I ask whereabouts in NZ you are located? I think it would be great if we could hook you up with a Supporting Families support worker who could help you through this difficult time.
I’m based in Auckland, but I can help find a worker near you if you’d like to reply to this message, or email me on or phone us on 0800 732825 .

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Julie replied 1 year ago

thanks Jade
I am in Dunedin . Don’t think you have anyone down my end of the country. But I would like if I could connect with other people who are in the same situation as me. At present I am working with Able support worker and I have been to one whanau support hui but everyone has been coming to the meetings together for a long time and I do not feel connected.

Jade-Auckland replied 1 year ago

Oh that’s hard, sometimes these groups do feel like everyone knows each other already! I wonder if your Able support worker knows of other local families who might be interested in meeting with you before the group, so that next time it feels like you know someone at least? It’s a hard feeling to enter a room full of people who all are connected, but please keep in mind many of them have felt this way too, and experienced similar challenges to your own. I hope you feel more comfortable and connected for the next meeting.
In terms of Supporting Families, our most southern office is our Canterbury team, which is too far from you unfortunately. As I understand it, Able does very similar work, so I am very hopeful they can support you to get through this difficult period.

Take care,

Olivia-AucklandOlivia-Auckland replied 1 year ago

Hi Julie and Jade.

Would it help if you can connect with the group facilitator maybe before the group gets under way, until you’ve met someone you connect with. I’d feel the same way too, but give it time to build some friendships with others in the group. Im sure everyone knows what it’s like to be the new kid on the block!
Good on you for taking the first step, that takes a lot of courage, it can only get easier from here so chin up!