When family disinherits siblings with mental illness

forumCategory: QuestionsWhen family disinherits siblings with mental illness
Himena asked 3 years ago

Has anyone experienced being left out of parents wills/trusts because family members consider them underserving because of mental illness?

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Marina-AucklandMarina-Auckland answered 2 years ago

Kia ora Himena

If you are wanting to connect with others who may have experienced the same or similiar situation you convey here, then I would suggest a Peer Group to share and suppport experiences.

But if you are wanting to know specifically how one could address this situation then I would suggest contacting your local law office for free legal advice and information on steps one could take.

Hope this is helpful

Nga mihi


Anastasia-AucklandAnastasia-Auckland answered 2 years ago

Kia ora Himena,

I haven’t personally experienced this situation first-hand but I imagine it would feel unfair. Marina previously posted some suggestions to get you started…Do feel free to let us know how you get on or ask more questions as they arise.

Noho ora mai,