Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction Humbled by People’s Courage and Willingness to Share Their Own Struggles.

The Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction has been on the road since late April with panel members listening

to people from around Aotearoa – hearing what’s working, what’s not and what could be done better.

Many of the stories we hear are personal and painful. We are humbled by people’s courage and willingness to share their own struggles and suggest improvements for the future.

We are also getting some very clear and constructive ideas from groups who work in the mental health and addiction area. Many have put a lot of work into this once-in-a-generation chance to set a clear direction and create hope.

At around halfway through our series of visits to 23 regional centres, we have a strong sense of people’s main concerns and ideas. Some common themes are emerging, as well as some unique local and cultural issues.

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