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Selected Books

Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder – How to Keep Out-of-Control Emotions from Destroying Your Relationship. – Author: Shari Y. Manning, Ph.D.
People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be compassionate, caring, smart, and funny, but they are also prone to difficult emotional outbursts and self-destructive acts.  Shari Manning helps overwhelmed loved ones understand why their spouse, adult child, or other family member acts they way they do and she shows how to respond constructively.  These simple strategies can radically transform any troubled relationship.  This “how to” book is highly recommended by
Darcy Daisy and the Firefly Festival – Author: Lisa Lewandowski Ph.D. & Shannon M.B. Trost, B.S.
Darcy Daisy feels anxious and confused after overhearing troubling gossip about Ms. Zinnia. a community member who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Darcy shares her concerns with her mother who provides her with information about Ms. Zinnia’s illness.  By learning facts about bipolar disorder, Darcy feels less anxious…
All Blacks Don’t Cry – Author: John Kirwan
‘At my worst moments, I lost all sense of hope for the future.  As I began to slowly get better, I began to be able to say to myself, ‘This will pass, you’ll get through this. Hang on to hope.’

John Kirwan was one of the most devastating wingers New Zealand, and world, rugby had ever seen.  A prominent and revered figure at the dawn of the professional age of rugby, he seemed to live a charmed life.
Children Of Parents With Mental Illness – Author: Vicki Cowling
“The final chapter of the book argues strongly for maintaining the dimensions of development and a family context in the provision of mental health care, especially to children and young people, rather than abandoning these approaches in favour of those which are behaviourally focused and ‘stripped of meaning and motives’.” – Vicki Cowling.
A Guide for Support Workers, Family/whanau & Friends.  This book fills a gap, presenting applied knowledge and skills for supporting the recovery journey of people with mental illness within the Aotearoa/New Zealand context.  Topics covered include the mental health services in Aotearoa / New Zealand; the role of the mental health support worker; interpersonal / communication skills; approaches to self-management of a mental illness and for planning life’s journey embracing active participation in relation-ship with family / whānau & friends, professionals and other support.
No One Gives You Chocolates – Author: Ellen Munro
Inspirational stories from people who have suffered depression and loss, revealing how the illness has affected their lives and of those around them and how they learnt to face their problems and overcome their debilitating symptoms. These stories show how the symptoms of depression can differ in severity. Chapters also reinforce suggestions on how to cope with depression including a chapter on how family/whanau and friends can help.

Book Reviews

Stand By Me Stand By Me Author Sir John Kirwan
Reviewed by: Chris Mirams
‘I’m a Dad and I’m scared.’
It’s how Sir John Kirwan starts Stand By Me, a sentence and situation that many parents of teenagers will instantly relate to.  It’s a sentence that also sums up the follow up to Sir John’s 2010 best-selling All Blacks Don’t Cry.  It is written in plain simple language with the complexity of anxiety and depression broken down succinctly.
Supporting The Journey of Recovery in Mental Health: A Guide for Support Workers, Family/whanau & Friends. – Author: Caril Cowan
Reviewer: Carole Dallimore
This book gives a comprehensive coverage of our mental health services in Aotearoa / New Zealand,beginning with changes that have taken place in mental health policy since the 1990’s.  These changes acknowledged the need for on-going support for the mentally ill and so the role of the mental health support worker evolved.
I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help – Author: Xavier Amador PhD
Reviewer: Carole Dallimore
This is a very readable book for families, friends and therapists coping with the seriously mentally ill.  One of the major issues of living with someone diagnosed with schizophrenia and similar conditions is their inability to recognise their illness and so their need for treatment.
Reviewer: Robyn McNiece
As author Michael Yapko states in the introduction to Breaking the Patterns of Depression, his purpose is to provide a reference for a ‘self-help’ approach to recovery.  This is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice when necessary; rather, he recommends support from a reputable psychotherapist together with a course of medication where indicated.
Darcy Daisy and the Firefly Festival – Author: Lisa Lewandowski Ph.D. & Shannon M.B. Trost, B.S.
Reviewer: Natalie Heijm
This 2005 book from America is a new addition to the children’s section of the SFMI library. The story is about a flower girl called Daisy who sees and hears some confusing things about her favorite teacher Ms. Zinnia. Daisy learns about bipolar disorder and is then able to help her teacher and community. From reading this short story, I feel that kids will relate to and enjoy Darcy’s journey of discovery!


Canvas – Director: Joseph Greco
Canvas is the story of a young boy growing up with a mother who has schizophrenia. The film is based on on the experiences of the film’s US writer/ director Joseph Greco, whose own mother had schizophrenia.
Family Matters – Helping Families Understand Psychosis – Produced by: Waitemata District Health Board and NZEIPS
Family Matters is a resource designed to help you understand psychosis. Hear four stories from families of distress, determination and recovery.  Clinical professionals describe what the symptoms of psychosis are, how the illness develops, what techniques assist recovery and practical advice for families.
LEAP DVD Review – Xavier Amador
Overall, we found the DVD very helpful, informative, and would watch it again.  We have both  attended a LEAP workshop and have also brought and read the book.  LEAP is a great resource that teaches family to not criticize or be judgmental, but to focus on building relationships instead of who is right or wrong.