NZ Mental Health System Failing to Support Families – SFMI Press Release

Mental health services are funded in ways that isolate family and friends from the people affected by mental illnesses and put vulnerable people at risk, according to Emma Doré, CEO of Supporting Families Auckland.

“New Zealand’s suicide rate is climbing – the latest statistics show 668 people died in the year to June 30 – and yet it is still common for us to receive calls from family members in acute distress about what to do when someone they love is suicidal, or when someone has been discharged from hospital following a suicide attempt with no plan or advance notice given to those at home,” says Ms Doré.

“Families tell us they have tried calling health services only to be told that their concerns are unwarranted, they are overreacting, and very commonly, nothing can be discussed with them because of the Privacy Act. They are often told that if they are worried they should call the police.

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