sf housing trust

Supporting Families Housing Trust

Who are we ...?

Supporting Families in Mental Illness NZ. set up The S F Housing Trust following receipt of a generous bequest made by the late Thelma Gertrude McCullum who saw there was a real need for housing for persons with a major mental illness and wanted to assist in this area. The S F Housing Trust aims to:

  1. Assist in the provision of housing for persons suffering from major mental illness
  2. Provide assistance to charitable organisations in the community who are providing housing or housing assistance for persons with major mental illness
  3. Assist in projects and activities that contribute to the wellbeing of persons with major mental illness whilst they are in the community with particular reference to matters relating to housing
  4. To otherwise provide assistance for those suffering from major mental illnesses.
Why ….?
Mental illness is often viewed with fear and misunderstanding.  The resulting discrimination and lack of appropriate support can lead to individual and societal cost. Access to housing is often difficult due to multiple factors.  It is not surprising, therefore, that providing appropriate housing for people with mental illness is a challenge.  The responsibility to provide adequate housing for people affected with mental illness sits with several parties, both at Government and non-government levels.  The family and those who provide support are critical, as are the attitudes of wider society, particularly employers, colleagues, and landlords.
The importance of appropriate accommodation and respite accommodation for families, including children, cannot be overlooked.  Research has shown that the provision of safe, appropriate and affordable housing in conjunction with additional support services people for people affected by mental illness and/or addiction issues can have the opportunity to reconnect with family / whanāu and community.
How do we do this..?
The S F Housing Trust, currently, has agreements with two providers, for three separate projects. One provider Comcare is based in Christchurch, the second Lifewise for a project based in Rotorua.
The S F Housing Trust has made funds available for approved projects by way of a mortgage on the basis that the advance will be refinanced so the SF Housing Trust funds will be available as seed funds for new projects.