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family mental health


Our latest newsletter is full of ideas to help you support your mental wellbeing and that of your tamariki/rangatahi (children/adolescents) during shutdown.


We’ve listed FREE:

– Online children’s mental health resources

– Teaching aids

– Fun children’s wellness activities

– Wellness tips and more!


Whether you want to do a virtual tour of Yellowstone National Park, explore Mars, or enjoy family yoga sessions, we’ve got something for you.


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But first…how are you?


That’s one of the most important questions we’re asking each other at Supporting Families NZ this week and we hope you’re doing the same at home.

Taking time out to ask yourself how you really are helps you better understand your emotions and make changes to improve your mental wellbeing.


So step back today and ask:


How am I? What can I do to help my wellness?

Be kind to yourself, do something that makes you smile, and remember we’re in this together.


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